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Enjoy a variety of suggestions or, if you prefer, we can host a special dinner so you can taste the region’s unique cuisine using local products.
Requests must be made 5 days in advance.

In this image we are preparing, in our backyard, a unique rib at dutch hoven

Whisky Tasting
Our slogan: Stay, Drink and Pray

Have you ever thought about being guided by an in-depth whiskey connoisseur, and learning everything from history to production techniques?

Here you can request this exclusive immersive experience.
See the types of assessment.

pocket musical
We want to hear

Looking for musical inspiration in a unique environment?
Our church, De Kleine Antonius BNB, offers the perfect opportunity to showcase your talent.

Whether you bring your own instruments or use our piano, our church’s acoustics are sure to impress and inspire you.

bicycle or walking

Several options for you to explore the local fauna and flora, passing through cafes and tourist attractions in the region.
You can choose bicycle or walking routes.
If you want, you can use our bikes (we only have bikes for adults).
Let us know.

Holistic Therapies
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Events at De Kleine Antonius BNB offer a transformative experience, combining holistic therapies and mystical ceremonies.
Immerse yourself in the harmonious egregore and enter a realm of rejuvenation and self-discovery that the atmosphere of our church will provide you.

Check our events calendar, contact Mila


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