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What to expect

The Region

Here is a place for those who love to relax in contact with nature.
The beautiful surroundings of Groningen Hogeland with beautiful old churches with great views and yet 30 minutes from the lively student town of Groningen for those who like a little more hustle and bustle.

Also the Wadden Sea is close by for a day in Schiermonnikoog.
Small and charming villages are always inviting.
Boating and kayaking, parks, etc.

Talk to Dirk and Mila and they can suggest an itinerary and tips that meet what you expect.

The Church

Welcome to De Kleine Antonius BNB, where you find the history of ancient churches. Immerse yourself in the unique experience of staying in a beautifully decorated church surrounded by preserved architecture. As you unwind and relax, let the harmonious atmosphere of a temple transmute your energy and lull you to sleep.


You will find all types of entertainment such as sports, nature, culture, typical cuisine and much more.

In the right period you can visit the tulip fields.
Local parties and events are also enjoyed by our guests.

Follow our Instagram to find out what's happening in the region.

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We have space for 4 people with 2 double beds. A double bed in the organ room, another on the mezzanine.
In some cases it is possible to accommodate an additional single bed.

The rate varies depending on the period and is made up based on the following items:

  • Complete and exclusive place for two people.
  • Bed and bath linen included.
  • Full kitchen, microwave, stove and refrigerator
  • Extra guests will be charged an additional amount.
  • Weekends and holidays require a minimum of 2 nights to make the reservation.
  • Breakfast €10 per person (on request).



Borgweg 32, 9914 PG


+31 629 204 018